Hedieh Sharifzadeh, originally from Iran, is a fine art artist based in Columbus, Ohio, with a strong foundation in cross-cultural experiences. She holds a Bachelor of Painting from Tehran’s University of Science and Culture, which she completed in 2011. In pursuit of her artistic exploration of contemporary Iranian society, particularly the intricate dynamics between individuals and political structures, Sharifzadeh embarked on CCAD’s MFA in Visual Arts program in 2021.

Through her vibrant and thought-provoking works, Sharifzadeh delves into themes of power, oppression, violence, control, social identity, and societal transition. Her art serves as a powerful moment of confrontation, offering a representation of the oppressive ideology present in the Islamic Republic. By challenging viewers to engage with these complex dynamics, she aims to inspire reflection and foster dialogue.

Sharifzadeh firmly believes in the transformative power of art to connect people and ideas. Her artistic journey has been recognized and supported through various scholarships and awards, including her nomination for the International Sculpture Center Sculpture Awards, the Columbus Women Artist featured, the CCAD Devise Scholarship, and the Big Three Ric Petry Scholarship. In 2022, she was granted a full scholarship to attend the prestigious Penland School of Craft in North Carolina, further enriching her artistic practice.

Sharifzadeh’s skill and dedication have led to her participation in numerous group exhibitions in Iran and the United States, showcasing her unique artistic perspective. With each project, she continues to push boundaries and engage with critical dialogues surrounding power dynamics and societal change.



2023-2024 (Oct-Jan): Seward Johnson Atelier Gallery, Hamilton, NJ (expected)

2023: (Nov) ROY G BIV gallery, Emerging artist/ Columbus OH (expected).

2023 (Mar-Apr): MFA Thesis Exhibition, Beeler Gallery, Columbus, OH.

2023 (Mar-Apr): OKI Regional Showcase Exhibition, Manifest Gallery, Cincinnati OH.

2022 (Dec): Elements, Acock Gallery, Canzani Center, Columbus OH.

2022: (Oct-Nov) Ohio Art League 2022 Fall Juried Exhibition/ Columbus OH.

2022: (Oct) Nexus, in the Acock Gallery/ Columbus OH.

2022: (May-Jun) Metamorphosis, A CCAD MFA Exhibition in the Bridge Gallery/ Columbus OH.

2022: (May-Jun) Ohio Art League 2022 spring Juried Exhibition/ Columbus OH.

2022: (May- Aug) Chroma in the Byers Gallery/ Columbus OH.

2016:  Peykan in Negah Gallery/ Tehran-Iran.

2016:  Painting Group Exhibition in support of Pooya child labor in Negah Gallery/ Tehran-Iran.

2015:  The Accidental Points in Negah gallery/ Tehran-Iran.

2009:  Photography Group Exhibition in Noghteh Gallery/ Tehran-Iran.

2008:  Students of Science and Culture at Behzad Gallery/ Tehran-Iran.

2006:  Second Generation Drawing of Charsoo Honar at Shafagh Cultural Center/ Tehran-Iran.

Scholarships and Awards

2023: GCAC Grant Recipient for Professional Artist

2023 Outstanding Student Achievement In Contemporary Sculpture Award (ISC)

Columbus Women artist

2022 (July): Attending, Iron-Truth of Fabrication, Andrew Hayes, Penland School of Craft (full scholarship) / Penland- North Carolina- USA.

Big Three Ric Petry Scholarship

CCAD Devise Scholarship