Artist Statement

These works examine the present moment of Iranian society, exploring the relationship between power, oppression, violence, control, and societal transition. Ideology to Invasion and Invasion to Transition is a series of works in two parts that explore cultural hegemony, metamorphosis, and revolutionary transitions through an abstraction of the architectural Islamic pointed arch. These forms are positioned to invade the viewers’ space and serve as a moment of confrontation and representation of the Islamic Republic’s oppressive ideology. The works are created by pouring foam into molds; this process mimics the will of the theocracy to extinguish individuality.

The first part, Ideology to Invasion, works through the arch shape to signify the desire of the totalitarian regime, to forcefully omit individuality. Singular sculptures relate to the trauma of everyday violence occurring in Iran. The white forms represent the theocracy ruling Iran, and the multi-colored elements represent people and culture. The second part of the series, Invasion to Transition, serves as a commentary on the murder of Mahsa Amini—who ignited the youth of Iran to protest for equality and human rights for all, especially women. This movement began through organic grassroots efforts and progressed as a means to capture the attention of people worldwide.